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New logo and rebranding made for GrowPro - Spanish company that helps to study and work abroad.

Designed by Monika

final logo colors-06.jpg

Original logo

Our logo redesign

Client wanted to redesign the logo in a more modern "fresh" style that would be easier to read and more bold than

the previous one. Key point of the design was to keep the compass inside the letter "O" but make it much more synthetic so that it can be seen even on the smallest versions of the logo and can serve separatly as the logo symbol.

Searching for colors

final logo colors-01.jpg
final logo colors-04.jpg
final logo colors-03.jpg
final logo colors-05.jpg
final logo colors-02.jpg

The initial idea was to change the main brand colors for ones more connected to the nature and travelling, keeing in mind that the target is a young student. Finally the client decided to stay with the original red color of the brand, adding some fresh secondary colors that would break the monochrome look.

Branding and style

business card.png
Mural small.jpg
Men's T-Shirt.jpg

Website design: Maria Pascual

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