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Series of characters designed for PostiePals company that makes personalised adventures for children, that come every week in the parents mailbox.


Designed by Monika

logotypest phase 2.jpg

Logo design

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Main characters design

spy letter delivery mini.jpg
spy basic pose mini.jpg

Characters and themes:

Ace the Adventurer's Journal of Curiosity.

Ace is always busy exploring Earth. Hear from Ace as he shares what he find about new cultures he discovers, and help him recreate his adventures with interactive worksheets and puzzles to solve!

fox letter delivery mini.jpg
fox basic pose mini.jpg
fairy letter delivery mini.jpg
fairy placing post stamps mini.jpg

The newspaper for kids, with Dr. Red.

Dr. Red is a wise old fox and sees the changes in the world.

Dr. Red wants to make sure you can cultivate an interest in the world without worrying about what kids see on TV.

Teela's Forest Fairy Tales

Hear what Teela encounters on her enchanting forest fairy adventures!

Teela LOVES sharing her adventures through colouring in and often shares stickers that she finds along the way too!

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