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The Goddess

The Goddess is a new candle collection from Flagolie in collaboration with my own brand - Modern Witchcraft.  Along with the amazing Flagolie team I've prepared a concept, packaging and marketing & social media strategy along with a full branding and visual identification prepared for the Goddess Collection.

Designed by Monika

Concept & Packaging

I've decided to base the collection on four ancient Goddesses from different cultures: Hecate, Freyja, Astarte and Isis. Each Goddess represents a patroness for your house - we've prepared a quiz that will help you find the Goddess that is the closest to your personality. You can make the quiz here.
logo design.jpg
Astarte label.jpg
isis label.jpg
hecate label.jpg
freyja label.jpg
Logo of the collection was inspired by the combination between Modern Witchcraft & Flagolie graphic signs. It includes the tagline of Modern Witchcraft - "Finding a way back to the lunar cycle" and the tagline for the collection - "Which Goddess are you?"
Each Goddess has her own graphic sign connected to her lore, i.ex. the maze of Hecate, eight-pointed star of Astarte or the sun disk between horns for Isis.

Inside the box you can find short information about each one of the goddesses - their origin, symbols, and area of expertise.
swieca Astarte.png


I've prepared a very detailed moodboard and an incredible photographer Łukasz Opaliński help to bring my vision to life. Each set was prepared so that it gives the mood of the goddess - soft and warm for Isis, dark and moody for Hectate etc.
moodboards mini.jpg
freyja web.jpg
isis web.jpg
astarte web.jpg
hecate web.jpg

Social Media & Marketing Strategy

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 14.29.03.png
I've prepared a character description of each goddess and series of videos that each show the style and aesthetic of each patroness. You can find all of the animations on the instagram of Modern Witchcraft.
I've also designed series of informative leaflets and folders with the quiz "Which Goddess are you?", and the description of the collection, each Goddess and her candle.
I've also prepared playlists on Spotify dedicated to each candle - each playlist reflect the nature and essence of the goddess.
spotify banners isis.png
spotify banners Astarte.png
Would you like to buy the candles? Visit the Flagolie page!
For more informations about The Goddess collection check Modern Witchcraft webpage and social media.
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