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Valeria's Pen

Valeria's Pen: What if You Could Write The Future? is a quirky story for children, written and published in 2023 by Matthew Charlton.


Valeria and her class are going to the zoo on a school trip. Everyone has to write a report about their favourite animal, and Valeria knows exactly which one she’s going to choose. The lion.

But as she starts to write with a mysterious golden pen that she found on the bus, it seems like something strange is going on. The sentences she’s writing are coincidentally coming true around her. But when these coincidences start to turn into chaos, she realises what’s really going on…

Her magic pen is bringing her writing to life!


Illustrated by Monika

Valeria character concept.jpg

Design of the main character - Valeria

valerias pen 10 color.jpg
valerias pen 13 color.jpg
valerias pen 7 and 8 color.jpg
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