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Logo made for a clothing company from Cracow, Poland specialized in production of high quality t-shirts.

Illustrated by Monika

ten teges logo kwadrat-01.jpg
logo grid final.jpg

Few words about the graphic sign

Client wanted a sign that would represent brand's approach - something young but in the same time simple, elegant and bold. Not too serious
but with modern feeling.

The main emphasis were the two "T" in the brand's name,
we invented a very geometric symbol that connects two capital T letters
in a mirrored way showing the duality of the brand's approach - young
but elegant, modern but simple. Funky and bold in the same time.
The second most important thing for the brand was the society that they wanted to create around the TenTeges social media. The logo shows that, as it can also be seen as two people holding hands.
a1 Hanging T-Shirt Mockup final.jpg
a1 Tag Mockup final.jpg
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