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What are you wearing Isaac?

What are you wearing Isaac?  is a book for children, written and published in 2023 by Matthew Charlton.


Isaac can’t wait for his grandpa to visit.

He already thinks he’s the coolest, most stylish old man in the world, and he’s even more convinced when he sees his grandpa’s new outfit. It’s so cool, in fact, that Isaac has to get one just like it right away. He proudly wears his new grandpa-inspired outfit everywhere: in the park to walk his dog, in the cinema and for an afternoon at the museum.
But he soon finds out that not everyone has the same appreciation for fashion that he does. Everywhere he goes someone starts making fun of him and his clothes!

Eventually, Isaac doesn’t want to leave the house at all.

But what will happen when his grandpa encourages him to enter a fashion show? Will Isaac find the courage to dress how he wants and strut on the catwalk? Find out for yourself in What Are You Wearing, Isaac?


Illustrated by Monika


Initial character design of Isaac and his grandpa

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